Amber and Steve | New Hampshire Engagement Session

When chatting with Amber about the engagement session we had initially hoped for winter with some fun snow shots, and then things got a little hectic for everyone on the planet (or so it seems that way!) after the holidays and so by the time we got around to scheduling something all we had left was ice and cold. The day was supposed to be beautiful but at some point in the afternoon the wind picked up and temps dropped big time. I had my usually three or four layers of both pants and shirts on, but Amber and Steve threw caution to the wind (forgive me for that one) and braved the cold without all the winter bulk. Even in the cold they were sweet, adorable, silly, and a bit giggly. We didn’t last a terribly long time out there that afternoon, but we definitely managed to get some cute shots in before calling it a day less than 30 minutes into it. Here’s to hoping it will be a bit warmer (or at least less windy!) in September!

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