In the woods


The Presence of Trees

I have always felt the living presence
of trees

the forest that calls to me as deeply
as I breathe,

as though the woods were marrow of my bone
as though

I myself were tree, a breathing, reaching
arc of the larger canopy

beside a brook bubbling to foam
like the one

deep in these woods,
that calls

that whispers home

~ Poem by: Michael S. Glaser ~


My 2016 wedding season is nearing it’s completion and I am anxious for all of the {cold} adventures that await me when all of the galleries are live. In the meantime I can take a few hours of my mornings here and there to have small adventures with Johnathan (and the occasional company of our friends Brittany and Bowser). I have good intentions of taking along my camera instead of just using my phone, so today I grabbed my 5D Mark iii and  my 50mm 2.5 macro (which comes in very handy as a multi-purpose lens and if it wasn’t so dang slow and loud when focusing I would use it all the time). It was fun to shoot things and not really worry about people looking at me or having people shy away from the camera while taking real-life photos of them, and it was just fun to take photos of things that caught my attention (and I even passed the camera over to Brittany a couple of times so I could be in a couple frames with Johnathan!).


Isn’t Bowser a handsome pup? You’ll notice you don’t see any photos of my wild beast of a dog, which proved to be a wise choice when we encountered at least ten other dogs. 7i4b95267i4b9548

One of my favorite things about hanging out with Brittany is that she loves hanging out with Johnathan, so she’ll come on even the smallest of adventures with us just because she’s that cool.7i4b9556

I am one of those rare winter-loving people that prefers the quite calm of a snowy day over any day during the summer. These guiding trail signs have me dreaming of a white winter with plenty of snowshoe adventures.

We were pretty sure Johnathan thought there was something yummy in here, but alas, it was just a hand warmer.

Everyone enjoyed the view of Goose Pond in all it’s quiet fall glory (thanks to a calm and gray day it was even more beautiful).7i4b95737i4b95807i4b95827i4b9584

With the exception of photos of my children, I have very little of my own work (or anything) adorning our walls at home. I think these next three images will make some very empty walls a little more pleasant. 7i4b95727i4b95647i4b9563

There are so many fun textures to appreciate in the woods.7i4b95837i4b95857i4b95867i4b9588

Johnathan is getting very good at finding blazes. He even learned a new word on our little adventure “orange”. That’s a huge step for him as he is just now saying more words beyond the few that he’s had for some time now. He also had to touch every blaze we found (so we purposely tried to skip noticing several, lol). 7i4b95977i4b9608

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