Buzzing with delight

I’ve always been a bit of a bee lover. I mean, I don’t necessarily study them much or have any (though, a large part of me wishes we did), but I truly appreciate their place in this world and enjoy watching them do their thing. However, yesterday I surely felt a bit disgruntled towards the little buzzing creatures. As I wandered through the mess that is left of our highly neglected garden this year I was trying to find the pumpkins in our severely overgrown pumpkin patch (I’d include photos, but I don’t want to scare any of you green thumbs that don’t live in the area with images of a failed garden) . Naturally, the pumpkins that were least likely to survive thrived as did pumpkins that we didn’t even plant (they grew where the compost was, so it was a neat surprise). They are full of pumpkins and happy yellow-orange flowers that the bees just love. As I carefully trodded my way through the tangled vines some former resident of the area decided to stop and inform me of their previous life in one of the other houses on our road. Normally I may have humored them (though, I’m not much for small talk with strange people that happen upon me while outside), but as I was trying to listen to the man shout over the sound of his truck bees were now getting stuck in my hopelessly long hair. In a truly unpleasant fashion I began to completely ignore the guy who continued talking as I struggled with a couple of bees that were stuck and not at all interested in my help. As my luck would have it, one of them freed and immediately stung me in the forehead. Eyes closed for fear that another was coming at my face I stumbled out of the pumpkin patch to find my husband who was organizing the shed. Head throbbing and a slight dizziness (more likely from panic than the sting itself) didn’t stop me from noticing that the guy is still trying to talk to me. I have no idea what he is saying anymore (mostly likely cursing me for being rude and ignoring him at this point), but thankfully when I came out of the shed he was gone. My husband confirmed that there was little swelling despite how large my forehead felt already – and the stinging! OH the stinging. It was intense. I don’t recall having ever been stung by anything other than a hornet once, but this was BAD. I’m not stranger to pain, I have the grace of a moose on roller skates so I find myself walking into things or falling often. I’m pretty sure all I could talk about for the rest of the day was how incredibly bad my forehead hurt (not to mention that all around the area felt funny too, eyes, nose…). Thankfully though I took some lovely Benadryl, iced it, and did what I could to muster up the strength to get through the rest of the day. This morning I woke up feeling fine and ready to stay clear of the pumpkin patch, but then I found these two bees just buzzing around looking for nectar in some really pretty light and I fell in love all over again (and jumped a lot while taking these). So, enjoy, and remain cautious in the company of these necessary creatures.


On a side note, does anyone know anything about these? What exactly are they? (I’m guessing some sort of grape, non-edible – they grow on a vine that is so strong my husband could swing on it, don’t ask…)



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