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Where do I begin with this one? I have always loved to write and often start many a blog posts trying to tell a story, share an anecdote, or express my feelings towards my subjects. Those introductions rarely make the final cut, I feel I drone on for far too long. People come here for the photos really and I have a feeling I am the only one that wants to hear me ramble on for endless paragraphs. So to spare you all, I often junk the original thoughts and try to keep things succinct.

This particular session however, I can’t bring myself to sending words of sentiment to the chopping block. Katie and I have quite the long history. We shared many of the same friends in elementary school, became friendly in middle school, and in high school really became close. We went through many things together during those years and though we grew apart as we got older we always found a way back to each other. When Katie moved back to NH at some point in our mid twenties we reconnected and began spending some time together once again, going through some stuff separately but again, having each other to share in our struggles (and some happiness too, it wasn’t always the pits!). When I met my husband though we again grew apart. We kept in touch, but weren’t really spending any time together. Fast forward a few more years (you’re now starting to get a sense for how old I actually am here, right? lol) and Katie is ready to leave to serve our country in the Navy. We decided we needed to get together once more just a few days before she left so we met up and she followed me over to our apartment on the farm. It was a miserably hot day and she was kind enough to help me carry my air conditioner up the stairs and get in installed (and we didn’t even break anything or suffer any injuries! – we aren’t always the most graceful of sorts). As soon as we got upstairs I saw there was a message on the answering machine. It was the director of nursing at Kendal at Hanover offering me a position as an LNA. I had one offer the day before, but was holding out for this particular position. There was just something charming about this facility that I was drawn to (I mean, besides the fact that compared to most it is a really NICE place). So there we were, ready to begin two brand new adventures, celebrating some new found happiness and success. Probably both scared to death, but I don’t recall either of us admitting that. We shared dinner along with my daughter and said our goodbyes. It was the best parting yet, both excited and ready for new and positive things ahead of us.

A few more years later (I told you I was older than you probably thought…) and Katie is once again returning to good old New Hampshire, this time with a sweet family of her own. We are both now mommas with boys only one year apart and have a whole new theme of dialogue when we chat, though Seinfeld still seems to be a recurring topic!

It was so great to finally get to see her and meet Nick and Finley a few weeks ago when we got together for Finley’s one year photos at her parents house (which I completely forgot how awesome it is there – because in high school I think I had other things on my mind besides how amazing the landscaping and original elements of their farmhouse were…). So now I leave you to enjoy some photos from our relaxed session playing around in the backyard (and of course, trying to sneak in a couple of traditional family shots too ;)).

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At this point we were pretty much done with our photo session, but we were catching up on life and cuteness just kept unfolding before my eyes and since I still had my camera in hand…

CT (127 of 137)CT (129 of 137)knf15CT (134 of 137)knf16

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